Unique Interviews – Daniel Wade, Wade Construction Management Consultants

How did you end up building a Construction management company? I’d worked for a large Tier 1 company for 10 years. I’d been able to see […]

Flavour of the Week: Easy Cook Magazine

My adventure with this classic magazine began in 2020 as I stepped into adulthood and independent living, moving away from home to start university. Cooking, once […]

Visiting Tunisia: Insights into Its Rich History, Culture, and Natural Beauty

I was in my early 20s the first time I went abroad. A relative had recently visited Tunisia and recommended it, so my first experience of […]

Discovering Latin America’s Wild Retreats: A National Geographic Traveller Collection Highlight

Embarking on a journey through Latin America has long been a dream of mine. Drawn by the allure of Costa Rica’s holistic lifestyle, with its emphasis […]

BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine: The Gardener’s Ultimate Guide for Tips, Tricks, and Inspiration

BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine holds a special place in my heart, serving as the Gardener’s Bible. It encompasses everything one needs to know about gardening: problem-solving, […]

The Art of Being Seen: Transformative Gifts for Every Team Member

Providing your staff with a personal gift shows them they are more than just the role they perform at work but are an essential and interesting […]

Explore Bustling Cities and Castle retreats with The Great British Travel Guide magazine

The moment I laid eyes on The Great British Travel Guide, it was as if it beckoned me to delve into its pages. Having travelled to […]

Top 10 Must-Visit Places in Prague: An Insider’s Travel Guide

As 2024 unfurled its first pages, I, Andrea, embarked on a resolution to venture somewhere new each year—places I had never set foot in. My heart […]

Unique Interviews – Paul Harbord, Managing Director of Steadfast Security

Q1 – How did you end up building a career in security? You could say ‘Security’ is in my blood. From my family’s military and professional […]

The big screen experience, from the comfort of your own home, with Home Cinema Choice magazine

My journey into the world of home cinema has been a deeply personal adventure that began in the 90s, driven by an ambition to transcend the […]

Where Music Meets the Menu: Exploring our local Hard Rock Café.

The Hard Rock Café is a global phenomenon, renowned not just for its vast collection of music and fashion memorabilia but also for its electrifying live […]

The charming Budapest, through my eyes

Budapest had always been a dream destination for me, though I couldn’t pinpoint exactly why. The allure of the city called to me, despite my limited […]

Take a step back in time to the vibrant eighties, with Classic Pop Magazine

Growing up in the vibrant 80s, I was immersed in an auditory landscape filled with the sounds of new wave, synth-pop, and electronic music. These genres […]

Embracing Tradition: Exploring Dia de los Muertos with JRNY Magazine

The vibrant hues of Mexico’s Day of the Dead festivities come alive in the latest issue of JRNY magazine, inviting readers to immerse themselves in the […]

My own private haven in Central Scotland

Embarking on a journey to Scotland in 2022, I found myself in the midst of a dream job as an activity instructor, nestled within the expanse […]

The Pursuit of speed, with GP Racing Magazine

Hello everyone! This week, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to my magazine pick, GP Racing. My passion for Formula 1 has been a constant companion […]

Making Libraries Relevant In Times Of Change.

Over the years we have seen how library managers have had to be more creative with their budgets, and try to stretch their funds as far […]

Global Footprints Vol. 3: Embracing the Warmth of Gambia

Andrea’s Pick – Gambia Embarking on an adventure to the Smiling Coast of Gambia, I sought winter warmth and found a journey that was both humbling […]

Delicious, guilt-free recipes with Slimming World magazine

This week, it’s my turn to share my magazine find with you all, and I’m thrilled to talk about a gem that’s not only changed my […]

Discover Authentic Indian Cuisine at Simla: A Newcastle Gem

At Unique Magazines, we believe that great food isn’t just about satisfying hunger—it’s about creating unforgettable experiences and forging connections with the places and people around […]

Global Footprints Vol.2- Amsterdam – A City of Endless Discovery

Andrea’s Pick Amsterdam – A City of Endless Discovery Fresh from my latest adventure in Amsterdam, I’m thrilled to share insights into why this city remains […]

Unwrapping the Magic of Daphne’s Diary: A Treasure Trove of Inspiration

Opening the pages of Daphne’s Diary is akin to unwrapping a beautifully crafted gift – each turn revealing a world of excitement and wonder. From its […]

6 Magazines to Embrace the Month of Love, Regardless of Your Relationship Status

February, the month of love, can evoke different feelings for everyone. While it’s a beautiful time filled with romantic gestures, for some, it can also be […]

A Return to My Roots: Rediscovering Sunderland’s Coastline

Hello, I’m Andrea from Unique Magazines, and I’d love to share a piece of my heart with you: Sunderland’s beautiful coastline. Though my current home is […]

Global Footprints: The Unique Journey Collection, Tasmania to Marrakesh.

At Unique Magazines, our passion for globe-trotting runs deep, and we’re excited to take you along on a journey through our previous escapades. Our team is […]

Embrace Self-Discovery and Mindful Living with Breathe Magazine

Have you ever picked up a magazine and felt an immediate connection to its cover illustrations? That’s precisely the effect Breathe magazine has on me every […]

Venice Carnival: A Journey Through Time and Celebration

In 2011, I had the incredible opportunity to experience the Venice Carnival, a spectacle that I knew little about at the age of 24. The carnival’s […]

The mouth-watering chef special of Sandwich magazine

Have you ever experienced that serendipitous moment when you stumble upon something that feels tailor-made for your interests? That’s precisely how I felt when I first […]

Magazine Subscription Freedom: The Unique Magazines Promise

At Unique Magazines, we pride ourselves on understanding and adapting to the dynamic nature of life. We know that changes happen, and we’re committed to providing […]

Unique Interviews – Robert Permain – Videographer

How did you end up building a career in videography?  While studying for a degree in graphic design, I had the opportunity to work on photography […]

Discover the Flexibility of Our Magazine Subscriptions!

Welcome to Flexible Reading Experiences We’re excited to share with you the latest feature of our magazine subscription service – unparalleled flexibility! We understand that your […]

How to Request Your Preferred Magazine Cover with Ease

At Unique Magazines we understand how crucial it is for you to receive the exact magazine cover your desire. Whether you’re a collector or just prefer […]

Effortless Magazine Subscriptions with Auto Renew

Stay Connected with Your Favourite Reads Love your magazines and dread missing an issue? Our Auto Renew service ensures you never have to. Opt for Auto […]

What Sets Unique Magazines Apart? A Customer-Focused Magazine Store

At Unique Magazines, our mission is more than just selling magazines; it’s about creating an unparalleled customer experience that puts you, the customer, at the heart […]

Meet The Team – John Porrett

Position: Managing Director Role at Unique Magazines: As the Managing Director, my primary focus is on shaping the vision and strategic direction of Unique Magazines. I […]

Meet the Team – Sarah Johnson

Position: Operations Director Role at Unique Magazines: As the Operations Director at Unique Magazines, my days are dynamic and diverse. I oversee the heartbeat of our […]

Meet the Team – Angela Walker

Position: Management Accountant My Role at Unique Magazines: In my role as the Management Accountant, each day brings a new set of challenges and opportunities. I […]

Meet the Team – Ellie Purvis

Position: Customer Service and Business Administrator Role at Unique Magazines: My role here at Unique is centered around interaction and customer engagement. Every day, I have […]

Meet The Team – Megan Houseman

Position: Customer Service and Business Administrator My Role at Unique Magazines: As part of the Customer Service team at Unique Magazines, my role is about creating […]

Meet the Team – Andrew Cant

Position: Distribution Assistant My Role at Unique Magazines: In my capacity as a Distribution Assistant, I play a crucial role in the heartbeat of our magazine […]

Meet the Team – Andrea Fleming

Position: Distribution Assistant My Role at Unique Magazines: As a Distribution Assistant, my role is pivotal in ensuring the smooth operation of our magazine distribution. Job […]

Taylor Swift: Time Magazine’s Person of the Year.

Available for pre-order in our online store HERE! In the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry and the broader world of entertainment, few artists have left […]

Unique’s Favourite Film Magazines

A Cinematic Journey In the world of cinema, where every frame tells a story and every director’s vision unfolds on the silver screen, the role of […]

Unique Interviews – Andrew Greener MD Komodo Digital

How did you end up building a creative digital product studio company? Back in the late nineties, the North East didn’t boast a bustling creative scene. […]

Magazines of the Week 24th November 2023

Cabana – No.20 🩵 Covers by Tiffany & Co. Printed, bound and for the first time wrapped in silk, Cabana Magazine N20 marks a series of […]

Magazines of the Week 17th November 2023

Mother Tongue – fall/winter 2023 A mom magazine for now 😎 Some brilliant articles in the new issue of Mother Tongue, comedian Atsuko Okatsuka talks about […]

Magazines of the Week 10th November 2023

TEMPURA – No. 15 Autumn 2023 Tempura is a French magazine that explores fresh angles on Japanese culture. Or rather ‘popular culture’. This impressively composed magazine […]

Magazines of the Week 27th October 2023

Raw Vision – Issue Autumn/Fall 2023 “Raw Vision remains the world’s only international journal of the art of the “unknown geniuses” who are the creators of […]

Unique’s Favourite Christmas Magazines!

The most wonderful time of the year is right around the corner, and we’re thrilled to announce that we have something special in store for you. […]

Unique Interviews – Sarah Johnson Operations Director – Unique Magazines

How did you get into operations? From the outset of my professional journey, I’ve been inherently drawn to operations. As early as my first job at […]

Magazines of the Week 20th October

ALTERED STATES – Issue 6 Vol.1 A biannual publication which includes some of the best in contemporary photography, fashion, make up and hair. A loosely arranged […]

Explore the World of Lego Magazines.

Are you a Lego enthusiast looking to explore the awesome world of Lego magazines? Look no further! Here at Unique, we offer the full range, and […]

Magazines of the Week 13th October 2023

MATTE – Issue 63 Just look at the gorgeous velvet dust jacket on this brand new title we have in stock 😍 Rachel Stern – One […]

Unique’s Favourite Modern Parenting Magazines

Parenting is a beautiful journey filled with its own set of joys and challenges. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s more important than ever for parents to […]

Magazines of the Week 6th October 2023

Kinfolk -Scandinavian Special  This issue, examines Scandinavia through a different lens than most, looking beyond the quality-of-life tropes to interrogate the region’s darkness and the creativity […]

The Jacobite Train: An Enchanting Voyage

The Jacobite Train has garnered worldwide fame, especially since it’s starring role as the Hogwarts Express in the Harry Potter series. Among the many highlights of […]

Magazines of the Week 29th September 2023

COPY – Issue 1 Hard to believe, but this entire magazine has been created by AI. 🧡 ‘This is COPY MAGAZINE – the world’s first AI […]

Unique Interviews- Daryl Chadwick- Owner, Chadwick & Co.

How did you get into hospitality? Aged 18, fresh out of the army having joined as a boy soldier at 16, I started work at a […]

Unique Magazines Celebrates Its Charity of the Year 2023: #TEAMDDB

Unique Magazines has proudly selected #TEAMDDB as our Charity of the Year. This commendable charity was founded by Danny de Brabander, who himself is a testament to resilience and hope.

In 2019, life threw a massive curveball at Danny when he was diagnosed with stage 4 Bowel Cancer. Since then, he has endured four major surgeries and over 50 rounds of chemotherapy.

Magazines of the Week 22nd September 2023

Commons & Sense Man – No.34 💕 This mag is HUGE! And full of some amazing art and men’s fashion. In this issue a fantastic feature […]

Unique’s favourite Slow Living magazines

What Is Slow Living? Lets start with the basics, what actually is slow living? Slow living is all about finding balance and contentment while surrounded by […]

Magazines of the Week 15th September 2023

Lodown – Issue 125 The word from Lodown on this issue is… “The HEAT is on. The air smells like chlorine and sun lotion, the sidewalks […]

Unique Interviews Maureen Brown MD Sullivan Brown HR

How did you get into Recruitment & HR? I had always wanted to join the police force graduate scheme but couldn’t do enough press ups to […]

Magazines of the Week 1st September 2023

Grub Street Journal No. 2 – The Jerry Maguire Issue n the Jerry Maguire issue, Grub Street look at whether it’s possible to make a magazine […]

Magazines of the Week 25th August 2023

Picnic Magazine – Issue 3 🌺 Hollywood Special “Picnic Magazine is a London based food & lifestyle publication for the caff-hopping, sandwich-scoffing, beer-bellied-bohemian, or anyone with […]

From Gateshead to Greece: Culinary Journeys with Unique Magazines and Chadwick’s and Co.

Food is more than just what we eat. It’s a journey, a memory, a language, a link to cultures that can transport you by its taste […]

Magazines of the Week 18th August 2023

WORMS (SEVEN) 💗 Been waiting for this one!! Worms is a print publishing platform showcasing the work of under-represented writers working in underground publishing. Worms Magazine […]

Magazines of the Week 11th August 2023

Pedro Pascal In Focus Limited Mag This is a huge A3 size magazine with 14 A3 posters and 4 massive A2 posters of our favourite Hollywood […]

Unique Interviews Joe Hilton, Author, Public Speaker and Coach

How did you get in to specialising in personal growth and mental wellbeing? I got into this field through my own personal experiences of suffering with […]

Magazines of the Week 28th July 2023

Granta – Issue 164: Last Notes Granta publishes the best emerging writers and distinguished names in each quarterly issue. In issue 164: Last Notes Generators, rockets, […]

Magazines of the Week 21st July 2023

Sablos – Issue 01 SABLOS is a new quarterly travel magazine, with a difference. Each issue will talk to inspiring people about the places they love […]

Tuning Into Tangibility: A Deeper Look at the Enduring Love for Vinyl and Magazines

In the high-speed digital world, driven by quick clicks and rapid scrolls where a multitude of desires can be met with a mere tap on a […]

Magazines of the Week 14th July 2023

Glass Man – Issue Summer Latest issue of GLASS MAN just dropped. Which cover will you choose 😍 The Boyz or William Gao. Drop us email […]

Crochet – A huge trend in 2023!

Last year I embarked on an exciting self-learning journey to master the art of crochet. A new partwork series piqued my interest, promising to guide beginners […]

Artificial Intelligence in the Media: Illuminating Advancements, Ethical Concerns, and Future Implications

It is hard to ignore that Artificial Intelligence has rapidly gained prominence across various industries, and mass media is no exception. From news reports to feature […]

Magazines of the Week 07th July 2023

The Basement – Issue 02 The Basement is an inclusive community made up of people from all walks of life with an array of backgrounds, struggles, […]

Unique Interviews Jessica Williams – Founder of Just Williams

How did you get in to sales & marketing? I’ve always been in it – aren’t we all? From a child you learn how to develop […]

Furniture with a Conscience: Barker and Stonehouse’s Mission for Sustainability

Barker and Stonehouse, a brand that has been a part of my life since childhood, carries with it a multitude of memories of accompanying my parents […]

Unique Interviews – Sam Spoors – Founder and Recruitment Director of Talentheads.

How did you get in to recruitment? I left university knowing I wanted to support people.  After a stint with a local council, I walked into […]

Wedding Season 2023 is Here!

You can feel the excitement buzzing on social media with all the weddings and stag/hen parties going on. How many weddings are you attending this year? […]

Androgynous Fashion

Let’s dive into the compelling realm of women mastering the art of men’s attire. There’s an array of motivations nudging us towards dabbling in men’s fashion, […]

Tesco Discontinues Magazine Delivery Service: Unique Magazines Steps Up!

Here at Unique Magazines, we recognize that for many of our customers, the convenience of having their favourite magazines delivered straight to their doorstep is invaluable. […]

Fathers Day 18th June – Gift Ideas

Spoil your Dad this Fathers Day and treat him to a single copy or subscription of his favourite magazine. We have magazines covering an range of […]

La Mia Boutique Makes by Loreine

La Mia Boutique is an Italian magazine available online at Unique Magazines website.  The patterns are generally simple and easy to realize. in every single number the […]

Easter magazine gift ideas.

Consider gifting a magazine subscription or single issue as a unique Easter present for your loved ones, be it family or friends. These thoughtful gifts can […]

Lego & Magazines – The perfect partnership

Our selection of Lego magazines is sure to keep you entertained. Here are our top 10 favorites: Lego City magazine is inspired by the popular toy […]

Mothers Day – Our Top Ten Magazine Pick

Mother’s Day falls on March 19th, 2023, and we’ve handpicked 10 fantastic magazines that make ideal presents for your Mum, Mother, Grandma, or Nana to indulge […]

The importance of reading for children

How did you spend the day as a child? At the playpark or playing football – rewind back to childhoods that happened a mere decade ago […]

Eileen Shares Her Latest Burda Creation

I have been buying Burda magazines since the mid 1980’s and sewn many garments from them. Although, I did have quite a long break from sewing, […]

4 pain free lifestyle changes, To help save our planet.

How can I help positively impact something which seems so out of reach? How we can make our difference in the current environment crisis and how […]

Loreine – Shares Her Burda Style Creations!

I started sewing using Burda Style magazine when I was 13. I learned how to trace the pattern and started making my own clothes. Sewing is […]

My Mindfulness Journey

My relationship with reading. I have loved reading ever since I was a little kid!  My venture started with fiction books about animals, specifically horses. My […]

How magazines and YouTube helped to reignite my love for Cross Stitch

Customer experience/submission I have cross stitched since i was a child, but stopped at age 15. It was only last November i started stitching again. Over […]

Teachers and children explain the benefits of magazines in schools

Reasons why reading is important for young minds and how magazines benefit children’s learning. We are Unique Magazines, and we believe that every child should have […]

Horrible Histories magazine at Hawthorn Primary School in Newcastle

Pupils and teacher at Hawthrone Primary school review Horrible Histories magazine The children were instantly engaged in this magazine – they have a clear connection with […]

Musicals magazine is the star of the week 

A niche but necessary title that celebrates the world of musical theatre In a world where *most* magazines feature a lot of photography, the text-to-image ratio […]

Britannica magazine review for children

Britannica magazine has lots and lots of stories to learn about the past, present, and future! You can discover the oldest living things on earth, see […]

Unique Magazines shares 1,000 magazines with schools in Tyneside

Unique Magazines have given away 1000 magazines to less fortunate children aged 7 to 11 year old who may not have access to reading materials. The […]

Unique Interviews Mark Bryce – Sale Director at Agilico

How did you get into sales? After leaving further education back in the late 80s, I was approached by someone I knew who asked me if […]

Sister – a relatable magazine for 20-30 somethings

A title that doesn’t stir internal panic for millennials searching for relevant stories and perspectives Although reading magazines is a joyful and calming pastime, the content […]

How I became a Marketing and Membership Executive

Why did you choose a career in marketing? After studying Journalism and then gaining an apprenticeship in marketing I wanted a job where I could use […]

Make mummified sausages for a spooky Halloween snack

A spooktacular snack for Halloween Homemade ketchup ingredients  1kg tomatoes 1 teaspoon of salt ½ teaspoon of chilli powder or a teaspoon of tabasco sauce 1 […]

The pop culture fix that is Wonderland magazine

Welcome to the imaginative and unpredictable world of Wonderland – a pop culture bible with the perfect balance of compelling photography and interviews.  The wonderful  Wonderland […]

V magazine review: unconventional yet mainstream

Once readers bypass a plethora of high-end advertisements, the pages of V magazine are anything but predictable. Mr. V. (the editor) epitomises the two primary themes […]

Merde Magazine confronts the problem with endless scrolling in recent issue

A title unafraid to be satirical and challenge convention Every creative, regardless of capability or experience, will store images in forgotten folders. It’s an inevitable part […]

Q&A with John Porrett – Unique Magazine’s Managing Director

How did you get into online retailing? My journey started back in 2002 as a magazine buyer for a chain of newsagents. The role involved increasing […]

W Magazine Celebrates 50th Anniversary

W magazine – a title that blends fashion and culture For a magazine that’s been a continuous reference in pop culture (AKA Gossip Girl, Sex in […]

Independent magazines and the people that create them

The present and future of independent magazines Although the demise of print is a regurgitated topic, with social media as the perpetrator, there are countless independent […]

Cheese – the magazine of culture

An independent title for endless stories about cheese Unlike other independent titles that opt for ‘popular’ themes, such as fashion, Cheese magazine makes no attempt to be mainstream.  […]

Forget Harry’s House, it’s Harry’s World

Harry Styles is having more than a moment as the 28-year-old singer – songwriter – and actor is just as prevalent 12 years after his debut […]

Magazines in schools

Highlighting the importance of reading for children couldn’t be more important at a time when digital media is so prevalent.  How did you spend the day […]

Magazine subscriptions for every personality

Magazine subscriptions – a gift for every occasion to inspire and spark creativity. Although finding a gift comes hand in hand with every holiday and birthday, […]

Unique Interviews Paul Sykes – Director of The Unite Group

How did you get into IT? I started my journey into technology with a company called Telephone Rentals as an apprentice. It was a varied introduction […]

#SaturdayNightCraftAlong – A virtual craft party

Three women and one hashtag bring together crafters from across the globe. Although social media is considered an antisocial pastime by some, it is a space […]

How I became a Tattoo Artist

1. What made you want to be a tattoo artist? When I was a younger my dad always took me to tattoo shops and that’s where […]

Brilliant Brainz Magazine in Schools

Hawthorn Primary School receive copies of Brilliant Brainz magazine to encourage group reading. Teacher opinion When the children opened the magazine, they immediately headed for the […]

Halloween is (nearly) here? 

It may be 81 days until Halloween but preparations for the spooky season have begun. It’s the most wonderful time of the year Although Christmas reigns […]

Meet Laura Middleton, the foodie behind Geordie Scran

Laura Middleton is a food and Newcastle enthusiast who uses Instagram to showcase her must-visit places in the Toon. “I’m not a fraud,” laughs Laura Middleton […]

Will Kate Moss make Diet Coke fashionable again?

Diet Coke X Kate Moss – the pop culture collab we did not know we needed.  For a drink that somehow became a fashion accessory in […]

Unique Interviews Elaine Stroud – CEO of The Entrepreneurs’ Forum

How did you get into business? I joined PwC as a new graduate and trained as a chartered accountant in London. Once qualified I took advantage […]

Turn exercise into a hobby

Huffing and puffing mid-gym class, questioning the decision to do a 9am session and how the instructor hasn’t even broken a sweat is the norm for […]

Influential Magazines Read by Fashion Students

OPINION: Fashion Communication student Olivia Holden shares her top 10 magazines  The world has been completely captivated by the power of digital, and whilst transforming how […]

Meet Louisa Rogers – Creative Director of Studio Courtenay

Louisa Rogers, creator of Studio Courtenay, Fashion Communications lecturer, and vintage clothing enthusiast wants “to break the stigma that second-hand clothing is somehow undesirable.”  Visits to […]

Encourage children to garden with My Mini Garden magazine

Since its release in Spring, My Mini Garden magazine has been a growing success in households and schools. An idea that started with mother of two […]

Top 10 Fashion Magazines

A curation of fashion magazines 1. Vogue An iconic fashion magazine known for exuberant photoshoots and in-depth features on infamous designers, models, and people in the […]

Top 10 Children’s Magazines

Keep your children entertained this summer with fun and informative magazines. A great alternative to screen time, there are numerous titles to choose from that specialise […]

Meet Eleanor Cole – Editor of Brilliant Brainz

We spoke to Eleanor Cole, the Editor of children’s magazine Brilliant Brainz. Can you tell us about Brilliant Brainz magazine? Brilliant Brainz is a monthly print […]

Conversation with an illustrator

Meet Anastasia Stročkova, a full-time illustrator living in Prague. It’s almost comedic that Anastasia’s primary school teacher told her mother that her daughter was “not really […]

Will the Love Island and eBay partnership encourage sustainable fashion? 

eBay and Love Island join forces to showcase preloved fashion  A show notorious for perpetuating micro trends and being the stepping-stone to collaborations with fast fashion […]

Top 10 Motor Magazines

Classic sports cars or racing – browse the top 10 motor magazines to choose the most appropriate title. 1. BBC Top Gear Magazine BBC Top Gear […]

Solo female travel to Paris

A week of champagne, cabaret, and celebration of self-discovery. Maddie Dragsbaek decided to visit Paris – a destination infamous for romance and proposals – solo. An experience […]

World Oceans Day

Today is the 8th of June, which means that it is World Oceans Day. This celebration was created by the United Nations, who want to create […]

The Platinum Jubilee

The Platinum Jubilee is here and being celebrated across The Globe! The Queen has now given her service and reigned for 70 years. The UK have […]

The Queen: 70 years of style

Queen Elizabeth II has never been one to shy away from responsibility or colour. Crowned at only 27 years old at London’s Westminster Abbey in 1953, […]

Rebuilding a classic car

A 20-year venture to restore a Chevy   Classic cars hone a sense of nostalgia and admiration for many, with certain models being notoriously associated with […]

How to create an eco-friendly allotment plot

When I first took on my allotment plot, I knew I wanted to create a space that was not only productive and beautiful but eco-friendly too. […]

Unique Interviews Jon Dudgeon – Co-Founder and CFO at Blu Sky

How did you get into accountancy? “I started as a trainee auditor with a big four accountancy practice called Arthur Andersen in 1998, a year after […]

National BBQ Week

It’s the 30th of May, which means it is the beginning of National BBQ Week here in the UK. National BBQ Week, began back in 1977 […]

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth II is the current Queen of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. She is about to celebrate 70 years on the throne, longer than […]

National Biscuit Day

Calling all biscuit lovers! Today is the 29th of May which means it is National Biscuit Day here in the UK. We all know that us […]

Summer Weddings

Seasonal Weddings Many people would agree that May and June are the best months to get married in most likely the biggest reason for this, is […]

The Importance of hobbies

Although easy to be swept up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life it’s monumental to set aside some time for yourself. An activity or […]

World Africa Day

Today is World Africa Day, this is celebrated on the 25th of May annually. This was founded in 1963, it marks the foundation of the Organisation […]

Elvis Presley continues to inspire

Forty-five years since his death in 1977, Elvis remains one of the most defining artists of the 20th century. He is the focal point of biopics, […]

World Goth Day

History of World Goth Day Gothic culture can be found in many ways in time, if it be through music, fashion, Tv/movie or books. Musically it […]

Climbing in the Lake District

The Lake District is a destination for visitors and residents to engage in outdoor activities. A location known for its scenery, hiking routes, and lakes – […]

World Turtle Day

Today is World Turtle Day! This day is celebrated annually on the 23rd of May. This began in 2000 and is sponsored by American Tortoise Rescue. […]

World Whisky Day

World Whisky Day is celebrated across the globe on the third Saturday of May, every year. This occasion brings together whisky lovers worldwide! Specials events and […]

Meet Hannah Reid – a 26-year-old organic gardener and plant science student

Organic gardener, plant science student, and growing in popularity on her Instagram account(gingergrows1), Hannah is a multi-hyphenated nature enthusiast. With no set plan in mind, the […]

World Bee Day

The History of World Bee Day This day stems back to the place known as ‘The land of the good beekeepers’ Slovenia, Beekeeping is taken very […]

National Numeracy Day

Today is the 18th of May, which means in the UK it is National Numeracy Day! This was founded by the charity National Numeracy, which was […]

International Day Against Homophobia

The history of this day. In 1990 the World Health Organisation made the decision to remove homosexuality from the list of mental disorders. Therefore, May 17th […]

FA Cup Final

It’s FA Cup final time this weekend at 4:45pm on the 14th of May, Liverpool and Chelsea will battle it out for FA Cup Trophy. Here […]

World Cocktail Day

With summertime quickly approaching us and we start getting those feelings of sitting in a beer garden with all our friends, soaking up the sun and […]

Empire Summer 2022

Summer is coming, which means it is time for summer blockbusters! On the 12th of May Empire released one of their biggest issues ever, the Summer […]

The new Doctor has been announced – Ncuti Gatwa

Ncuti Gatwa will replace Jodie Whittaker and become the 14th timelord Ncuti Gatwa, most recognisable for his portrayal of Eric in Netflix’s Sex Education, took to […]

Top 10 Outdoor Magazines

In celebration of the weather getting warmer and days longer we want to shine a spotlight on the most popular outdoor magazines. Whether you’re looking to […]

Unique Interviews Steven Parker – Managing Director at Causal Effect

How did you get into digital marketing? I always liked the idea of working in the media. My first role in the media was with ncjMedia, […]

Cross Stitcher June Edition

The June issue of Cross Stitcher magazine is one of my favourite issues for ages! Not only does the cover have a spectacular stitch of our […]

We spoke to gardening influencer Emma Bailey

Creator of The Pink Shed and Allotment Diaries – delve into the world of a gardening influencer   A pink shed in the middle of London continues […]

Travelling abroad with children and babies

Parenthood is a journey that people navigate and adapt to in different ways. It is one of the most surreal and life-changing experiences, and with that […]

The influence of nature and gardening

Nature is a divine source of inspiration seen in the arts throughout history. From iconic water lily oil paintings by French Impressionist Claude Monet to Elie […]

A fashion student’s perspective: The influence of fashion magazines

When I was little, I remember that getting a magazine at the supermarket during the food shop with my mum was a must for me. I […]

Harry Styles Dazed

Tuesday 29th March 2022 was the launch of the Harry Styles Dazed competition. We had a fantastic response to this chance to grab a free copy […]

Unique Magazines supplies magazines to Fashion Communication students at Northumbria University

Unique Magazines collaborates with Northumbria University to assist Fashion Communication BA(Hons) students with a Fashion Journalism and Photography module. Magazines are one of the biggest sources […]

Unique Interviews Rhia Powell – Creator of My Mini Garden Magazine

An idea that materialised when growing an allotment with her husband and two daughters, Rhia Powell wants to inspire the next generation to grow food through […]

Animal Planet

Do you like animals? If you answered yes, this is the magazine for you! Animal Planet is full of fun facts about different animals and their […]

Unique Interviews Charlotte Nichols – Harvey & Hugo Director

How did you get into PR? My early jobs in my parents’ shops and a leisure centre put me on the path to PR and marketing. […]

Easy Gardens Magazine Review

The May issue of Easy Gardens magazine is an influx of inspiration to transform everyone’s outdoor space for the warmer months ahead. From sustainable landscape solutions, […]

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare was a revolutionary and much-loved playwright, poet, and actor from Elizabethan England. He was from Stratford-Upon-Avon but spent much of his time in London, […]

My Mini Garden

My Mini Garden is a brand-new magazine to help you grow your very own fruit and vegetables. A woman called Rhia Powell decided to create this […]

Planet Mindful Magazine Review

Mindfulness has been a big part of my life, and I love researching ways to live intentionally every day, through small manageable changes. Not only is […]

Unique Interviews William Johnson – Torro Co Founder

How did you get in to manufacturing? I’ve always been entrepreneurial and took an unorthodox route into business. I left School eager to find work and […]

Should animals be in classrooms?

We spoke to Ms. West, the deputy headteacher from Wingrove Primary School – a school that has lots of different animals on site that the children […]

Mary Jane Seacole

Mary Jane Seacole was a nurse who set up a hospital for victims of the Crimean War. She was born in Kingston, Jamaica when it was […]

Red Squirrels

Red squirrels are a species of tree squirrel, a type of rodent. Rodents are small mammals that have a big pair of front teeth known as […]

In My Hoop – January – Cross Stitching with Sarah

For Christmas I was really excited I got the Cross Stitch for the Earth book by Emma Congdon. The book is fantastic and has some lovely […]


Pancake day is finally here! For flat pancakes we like this recipe from Delia Smith. You will need: 110g Flour Salt 2 Eggs 200ml Milk 75ml […]

Unique Interviews Jayne Hart -Director- HR Dept

How did you get in to HR?  It was a total accident.  I left school wanting to be a teacher but spectacularly failed my A levels.  […]

My experience working with Unique Magazines – Ellie Purvis – Customer Service Apprentice

Unique Magazines was my first step into the real working world, and I feel extremely grateful to have landed here! People in general is something I […]

Unique Interviews John Duns – North East Times

How did you get into publishing? I was always a very keen reader of books, magazines and newspapers when growing up. My parents took up to […]

What is IOSS and what Unique Magazines has done to make it a smooth transition?

New post Brexit rules relating to VAT charges when selling goods to EU countries has caused many challenges to UK businesses from 01st July 2021. Previously […]

Cross Stitch is my Passion, by Sarah Johnson

I learned how to cross stitch when I was a child. It was something I used to really enjoy. However, as I grew into a teenager […]

Unique Interviews Nikki Simpson – Founder of The International Magazine Centre

Can you tell us a little about the International Magazine Centre? We’re working towards opening the International Magazine Centre in Edinburgh – a physical building dedicated […]


Quokkas are marsupials from the south-west of Australia. They are part of the kangaroo and wallaby family but a lot smaller, about the size of a […]

Meet Antony Wooten – Illustrator and Primary School Teacher

Antony is a primary school teacher, author, painter, and illustrator. You’ve written several books. What made you get into writing? I’ve always enjoyed writing stories. Even […]


There are two different species of elephant: the African Elephant and the Asian Elephant. African elephants all have tusks unlike Asian elephants, as only some males […]

A Year in the Life of John Porrett – Unique Magazines’ Managing Director

What did you set out to achieve this year? 2021 has been about back to basics – making sure we offer brilliant customer service to our […]

Unique Interviews Michael Grahamslaw – Owner of Northern Insight Magazine

How did you get into publishing? I left school with decent A Levels in 1990 and planned to take a year out and then go to […]


The colourful hummingbird is named after the noise it makes. The noise is produced by their wings that flap so fast they look blurred. In the […]


Tigers are the largest animals in the cat species and closely related to the panther. Tigers orange and white fur with black stripes helps them camouflage […]


Hedgehogs are small, spikey animals that can be found all over Europe, Africa, and Asia. Hedgehogs get their name in two parts. Hedge and hog, because […]


Porcupines are rodents that are known for the long sharp quills on their back. They are mostly nocturnal animals which means they come out at night, […]

Meet Rossie Stone – Creator of Dekko Comics 

We all know exams, school, and learning can be difficult and take lots of hard work for children and adults alike. But how can it be […]


Draw your own heads and bodies to make some funky and funny robots. One cube should have just heads, and the other bodies.


Koala Bears are not actually bears, they are marsupials: a type of mammal with a pouch, like kangaroos. Joeys are born after just 35 days and […]

Andean Bears

The first Andean bears to be born in the UK are at Chester Zoo. Name The Andean bear is called that because they can be found […]

Komodo Dragon

The Komodo dragon may not have wings or breathe fire, but it is the largest living species of lizard. Name Komodo dragons are named after Komodo […]


Meerkats are a type of small mongoose that can be found in southern Africa. Meerkats actually get their name from a Dutch word for monkey. It […]

Meet Billy Monger – Fundraiser and Racing Car Driver 

Billy Monger is a young racing driver who lost both of his legs in a driving accident. After his recovery, and with the help of prosthetic […]

How I Became a Software Developer

Name: Jordan Bailey Age: 26 Job: Software Developer   1. What made you want to be a Software Developer? “I first started programming in college in […]


Who was he? Tutankhamun was the pharaoh of Egypt for 9 years, from when he was only 8 or 9 years old until he died ages […]

How I became a Clinical Psychologist

Name: Dr. Emmah Jassim Age: 26 Job: Clinical psychologist 1. What made you want to be a Clinical Psychologist? “I wanted to become a Clinical Psychologist […]


Orcas are ocean mammals that are part of the dolphin family. Although they live in the sea, they are mammals that need to come to the […]

Mary Anning

Mary Anning was a fossil hunter in the 19th century who is credited with discovering the Ichthyosaur. She was no professional palaeontologist though, she hunted fossils […]


Chameleons are reptiles that are famous for their ability to disguise themselves. Name Chameleon comes from a Latin and Greek word that means ‘ground lion.’ Habitat […]

Unique recommends: the British Journal of Photography

Thomas Robson, our Content and Communications Executive gives us the low-down on one of his favourite magazines from Unique Magazines – the British Journal of Photography.

How I became a Dental Nurse

Name: Courtney Hall Age: 26 Job: Head Dental Nurse  1. What made you want to be a dental nurse? “I was studying Fine Art and Media […]

Emperor Penguins

Emperor penguins are the largest species of penguin and reach heights of over 1 metre tall. Habitat Emperor Penguins live around the outside of Antarctica and […]

502 Bad Gateway – not usually a phrase you want to read

Guest blogger, Chris Hodge, Senior Lecturer at Northumbria School of Design, reviews fashion magazine 502 Bad Gateway – a men’s high fashion magazine with a really refreshing […]

Unique Interviews Chris Hodge – Fashion Lecturer

We chatted to Chris Hodge, Senior Fashion Lecturer at Northumbria School of Design to get his thoughts on how magazines play an important role in his […]

How I became an Artisan

Name: Vicky Knight Age: 25 Job: Artisan 1. What made you want to be an Artisan? “I am always doing creative things in my spare time. […]

LEGACY: i-D Magazine – The original cool kid

Guest blogger, Chris Hodge, Senior Lecturer at Northumbria School of Design, reviews fashion magazine i-D and discusses how the magazine’s reputation has been built on being […]

How I became a Teacher

Name: Sam Boal Age: 24 Job: Teacher 1. What made you want to be a teacher? “I done an internship at the media hub in Sunderland […]

Captain Sir Tom Moore

Captain Sir Tom Moore raised over £38 million for the NHS in the run-up to his 100th birthday. He was born in 1920 in Yorkshire where […]


Rabbits are small mammals in the Leporidae family. There are over 305 breeds of domestic (pet) rabbits alone! When rabbits are born, they are hairless and […]

Magazines For Schools Puts Fun Into Learning

A new subscription service for teachers and schools providing quality learning resources without the need for hours of planning has been launched by Gateshead based Unique […]

How I became a Journalist

Name: Georgina Cutler Age: 23 Job: Journalist at the Sunderland Echo 1. What made you want to be a journalist? “I have always enjoyed writing, I […]

Top 10 Kids Magazines

If you are looking for a gift for a child and don’t know what to get, try these amazing magazines that children love.

Top 10 Magazines for Women

A magazine subscription is the gift that keeps on giving. We post each issue out when they are released, and every time their magazine comes through […]

Top 10 Magazines for Men

Find the perfect men’s magazine subscription from our Top 10 Magazines for Men. You can find all of these on our website with a variety of […]

TV listings at the ready

Pass the TV remote…lets see what’s on. Whether it’s the soaps, sport, comedies, dramas or Christmas films you’re looking forward to in the countdown to Christmas, […]


Capybaras are large rodents from South America, in fact they’re the biggest rodents in the world. They belong to a family of rodents called cavy rodents […]

Sun Bear

Sun Bears are the smallest of the bear species and are native to the tropical forests of Southeast Asia. Name Sun bears get their name from […]


Bats are a symbol of Halloween, but how much do you know about them? Name We call them bats now, but they weren’t always called that. […]

Magazines for universities

This year Unique Magazines worked with Northumbria University, Newcastle, to supply magazines to their Fashion Communication BA (Hons) students to assist with their ‘Fashion Journalism and […]

An interview with Alfie Joey – BBC Radio Presenter and Illustrator 

Alfie Joey is a BBC Newcastle radio presenter, event host, comedian, actor, writer, and illustrator. Currently focusing on his art and illustrations, we caught up with […]

New Additions to the Unique Team

We have been growing the team here at Unique and have made 4 new hires in recent months. Laura Hewitt- Digital Marketing Manager Jordan Cook- Warehouse […]

Polar Bears

Polar bears are bears from the north pole! Their scientific name ‘ursus maritimus’ means bear from the sea. In Russia and Quebec they are called ‘white […]

Animal superhero cards

Animals have some amazing superpowers! We have created a set of playing cards to print out and play. How to play (We recommend sticking the sheets […]

Make a mask

Download our reversible mask templates, cut out and colour in. Once your masterpiece if complete, ask an adult to help cut it out.


Crocodiles are reptiles that are ‘semi-aquatic’ which means they spend lots of time in water. The word crocodile comes from an ancient Greek word ‘crocodilos’ which […]


There are more than 250 species of bumblebee that live across the world. Bumblebees, like other bees, live in colonies, which means there are over 50 […]


Cheetahs are large cats from Africa known for their crazy speed and spotty fur. Name Cheetahs get their name from an old language called Sanskrit ‘citra’ […]


Zebras are equines which means they are in the same family as horses, so they share a common ancestor from millions of years ago. We are […]


Emus are large flightless birds native to Australia. Name The word emu comes from the Portuguese, possibly from the word ‘ema’ used for large birds, or […]


Name The word lion comes from the Latin and Ancient Greek words for lions. The Latin word is ‘Leo’ like the star sign, and the Ancient […]

Chocolate Brownies

Brownies are tasty treats for anytime and any occasion that pair perfectly with ice cream! You will need: Unsalted Butter Dark Chocolate Plain Flour Cocoa Powder […]

Q Magazine Ceases Publication

Q, the popular music magazine, has released its final issue (September 2020) after 33 years of publication. Editor Ted Kessler has stated that the Covid-19 outbreak […]

New: Fashion and Genealogy Magazines

We add new magazines to our site each week. This is what we added this week, have a look and see if there is something for […]

New: Colouring, Kids, Travel and more!

We are adding new magazines to our store all the time. Here are our most recent editions. Simply Colour Simply Colour is a colouring book for […]

Interview with Peter Lillie- Commercial Director of Presca Teamwear

We Interviewed Peter Lillie, the Commercial Director of Presca Teamwear about sustainability and the future of recycling. Hi Peter, so what is it your company does? […]


Sloths are famous for their funny faces and slow movement, but how much did you know about them? There are two different families of sloths: two-toed […]

Red fox

The red fox is the most common fox in the world and also the biggest. Name The word fox comes from old English, which takes the […]

New Magazines Photography and Local History 27th April- 4th May 2020

Here at Unique Magazines we add new magazines to our store every week. Each one is different and a fantastic experience in its own genre. Here […]

New Magazines: Puzzles, Quizzes, and Hobbies 20th-24th April

We add new magazines to the site each week, here are what we added last week. Puzzlelife Killer Sudoku Puzzlelife Killer Sudoku is a puzzle book […]


Camels are animals most known for travelling the desert and having humps. There are three species of camel: Dromedary, Bactrian, and Wild Bactrian. The Dromedary is […]

What readers want during lockdown

Our Managing Director has been interviewed about the current situation regarding the lockdown due to Covid19. Here is an excerpt: “It would appear that the public […]

New Magazines: Fashion, Art, Sport, and more 2nd-16th March 2020

Check out the latest additions to our range of magazines now available on our site. Click on the titles to see them in the shop. The […]

Music art attack

This colouring sheet is packed full of music-related images.

European Badgers

We do not know what the badger gets its name from, but we do have a couple of ideas. Some people think that the ‘badge’ part […]

New Magazines: Art, Fashion, and Alpacas! 24th-28th February 2020

Check out the latest range of magazines now available from Unique Magazines from week commencing 24th February. Sol Sol is an indie magazine that is a […]

Olive Ridley Sea Turtle

Name Olive Ridley turtles were given many different names over the years by lots of German scientists who kept discovering them. The English name we don’t […]

Wobbly Sea Monster

You will need: Jelly cubes/powder in your favourite flavour Strawberry lace sweets White chocolate buttons Jelly mould (any mould will do, even just a bowl) Kettle […]

Barbara Hepworth

Full Name: Jocelyn Barbara Hepworth Date of Birth: 10/05/1903 Place of Birth: Wakefield, UK Died: 20/05/1975 (Aged 72) Famous for: Artist- Sculptor Barbara Hepworth is a […]

Introducing The Comic Club

Kids are spending more and more time looking at screens. Parents are busy, often working and there’s always something that needs doing around the house. Children […]

Magazines and Austerity

Resources we don’t think about (Image by kconcha on Pixabay) When you think about magazines, you might think about the women’s weeklies, gossip mags, or the […]

Fun to Learn series

The Fun to Learn series comprises of fun-filled magazines, Fun to Learn Favourites, Peppa Pig, and Bag O’ Fun. The magazines are designed to make learning […]

Edward Enninful, Editor in Chief of British Vogue

CHANGE IS GOOD! In the world of fashion, throughout history, the designers at the helm of the major houses have traditionally been men, Dior, Givenchy, Saint […]

Festive Fashion

Deciding on the right attire for the party season is never an easy task but whatever your plans are it should at least be fun. The […]

Christmas Crafting

Let’s get Christmas Crafting with our range of Craft magazines! This year give Christmas a personal touch and create your own homemade gifts, holiday decorations, and […]

Go, go, go, go Go Jetters

What’s it about: Four international heroes completing missions and adventures. Where is it from: United Kingdom How often is it published: Monthly Shop single issues and […]

Introducing i-D Magazine

What’s it about: Fashion, music, and art Where is it from: United Kingdom How often is it published: Bimonthly Shop single issues and subscriptions to i-D here i-D […]

Win a visit from a Beano Artist for your School!

Here at Unique Magazines we have teamed up with DC Thomson, the publishers of Beano and Jacqueline Wilson Mag, to create the ultimate prize giveaway! The prize includes 2 […]

A Trip to Equestria

What’s it about: Magic pony cast on their exciting challenges and adventures. Where is it from: United Kingdom How often is it published: Monthly Visit our site to purchase […]

Draw, make and play…the CBeebies way!

What’s it about: All things art and craft for children Where is it from: United Kingdom How often is it published: Monthly Click here to purchase […]

Mad for MAD

What’s it about: Life and popular culture Where is it from: America How often is it published: Six times a year Subscription prices start from £13.99 – Click here to […]

Let’s dive in to Paw Patrol Magazine!

What’s it about: Pups working together to keep the community safe. Where is it from: Canada How often is it published: Monthly Click here to purchase a single issue […]

Presenting Love Magazine

What’s it about: Style & Fashion Where is it from: United Kingdom How often is it published: Two times per year Subscription prices start from £20 – […]


What’s it about: A magazine for a younger audience providing hours of intelligent fun. Where is it from: United Kingdom. How often is it published: Quarterly. Dot […]


  What’s it about: a ‘happy’ mag for boys and girls. Where is it from: United Kingdom. How often is it published: Quarterly. The latest issue […]

Top of The Pops

  What’s it about:  Chart information, song lyrics, celebrity gossip and fashion. Where is it from: United Kingdom How often is it published: Monthly Top of […]

Thomas and Friends

What’s it about: The adventures of Thomas and his friends. Where is it from: United Kingdom How often is it published: Fortnightly The tv programme, Thomas […]

Win a £50 Unique Magazines voucher!

*Winner* Martin Davies This Easter we are giving away a £50 Unique Magazines voucher! We’ll announce the £50 voucher winner on Tuesday 18th April. How to win […]

Disney Princess

What’s it about: A world of fantasies, princesses and enchanting stories Where is it from: United Kingdom How often is it published: Fortnightly The very first […]

Minecraft World

What’s it about: tips and information to build constructions. Where is it from: United Kingdom. How often is it published: Monthly. What is Minecraft?  You could […]

Scooby Doo

What’s it about: Activities, puzzles, and stories about the crime fighting dog and his pals. Where is it from: United Kingdom How often is it published: […]


What’s it about: A really amazing educational magazine for boys and girls aged 6-12 years. Where is it from: United Kingdom How often is it published: […]

Disney Cars

What’s it about: A fast paced magazine transporting readers into the high-octane world of fun and adventure with their favourite Disney Cars character. Where is it […]

Littlest Pet Shop

What’s it about: Activities, puzzles, and stories involving the Littlest Pet Shop animals Where is it from: United Kingdom How often is it published: Bi Monthly […]

WWE Kids

Whats it about: All the latest news from WWE Where is it from: United Kingdom How often is it published: Monthly The last time I watched […]

Sofia the First

What’s it about: An ordinary little girl who becomes a Princess. Where is it from: United kingdom. How often is it published: Monthly Sofia is an […]

Danger Mouse

What’s it about: The adventures of Danger Mouse and his sidekick Penfold Where is it from: United Kingdom How often is it published: Every 4 weeks […]


What’s it about: An exciting chapterbook with added facts and fun. Where is it from: United Kingdom. How often is it published: 10 issues per year. […]


What’s it about: Teletubbies and their adventures in Teletubby Land Where is it from: United Kingdom How often is it published: Monthly Teletubbies magazine is aimed […]

Fun to Learn Peppa Pig

      Whats it about: The adventures of Peppa Pig and her family Where is it from: United kingdom How often is it published: Fortnightly Fun to learn […]

Lego Nexo Knights

Whats it about: The Lego Nexo Knights heroes and their adventures. Where is it from: United kingdom How often is it published: Monthly Lego Nexo Knights […]

Something Special

What’s it about: Developing language and communication skills in children with learning difficulties in a fun and exciting way. Where is it from: United Kingdom How […]


What’s it about: Science, current events, history and the world around us. Where is it from: France How often is it published: Every 5 weeks Bayard, […]

Girl Talk

What’s it about: Fashion, gossip and stories aimed at the pre-teen group. Where is it from: United Kingdom How often is it published: Fortnightly Girl Talk […]

Mr Men and Little Miss

    What’s it about: Fun and adventures with Mr Men and Little Miss Where is it from: United Kingdom How often is it published: Every […]

BBC Clangers

  What’s it about: A family of creatures who live on a moon like planet Where is it from: United Kingdom How often is it published: […]

Jacqueline Wilson

What’s it about: the award winning author, her books and characters Where is it from: United Kingdom How often is it published: 16 issues per year […]

Girl Talk Art

What’s it about: learning new skills to design, create and make. Where is it from: United Kingdom How often is it published: Monthly   The November […]

Top Model

  What’s it about: Exciting news of the fashion world featuring celebrities and models. Where is it from: United Kingdom How often is it published: Monthly […]


  What’s it about:  a comic strip featuring Dennis the Menace and friends. Where is it from: United Kingdom How often is it published:  Weekly The […]

Andy’s Amazing Adventures

  Whats’s it about : Andy’s exciting view on countries and animals throughout the world. Where is it from: United Kingdom How often is it published: […]

Introducing CBeebies Magazine

  What’s it about:  A reflection of the CBeebies tv programme. Where is it from:  United Kingdom. How often is it published:  Fortnightly. If your little […]

Introducing Simpsons Comics

  What’s it About:  The Simpsons family and Simpson’s trivia. Where is it from: United Kingdom How often is it published: Monthly So what can you […]

Introducing Horrible Histories

What’s it about: History Where is it from: London How often is it published: Monthly Anyone who grew up in the 90’s should be familiar with […]

Introducing Shopkins Magazine

What’s it about: Toys, shopping, characters Where is it from: Hampshire How often is it published: Monthly Get ready to meet the Shopkins, the latest collectable […]

Introducing LEGO Friends

What’s it about: Fun, LEGO, puzzles, activities Where is it from: London How often is it published: Monthly A LEGO title with a difference, LEGO friends […]

Introducing KiCK!

What’s it about: Football Where is it from: England How often is it published: Monthly The new football season is now well under way, with The […]

Introducing Eco Kids Planet

What’s it about: Science, the world, ecology Where is it from: London How often is it published: Monthly Winner of a Parents’ Choice Silver Honour Award, […]


  What is it about – the adventures of the Octonauts, games and puzzles. Where is it from – London How often is it published – […]

Introducing LEGO Star Wars

What’s it about: Star Wars, Lego, Jedi, the Empire Where is it from: Denmark How often is it published: Monthly There has been an awakening. Have […]

LEGO Ninjago

What’s it about: Games, puzzles, fun, ninjas Where is it from: London How often is it published: Monthly If there’s one thing you can rely on […]

Introducing How It Works

What’s it about: Science, life, the world Where is it from: Bournemouth How often is it published: Monthly If you’ve got an insatiable thirst for knowledge, […]

Introducing Dazed

What’s it about: Emerging style, arts, culture Where is it from: London How often is it published: Bi-monthly Dazed has a long and proud history of […]

Introducing National Geographic KiDS

What’s it about: Natural world, animals, geography Where is it from: London How often is it published: Monthly National Geographic is a venerable and extremely well […]

Introducing Tank

What’s it about: Arts, contemporary culture, fashion, photography Where is it from: London How often is it published: Quarterly It becomes apparent as soon as you […]

Introducing Jocks & Nerds

What’s it about: Men’s lifestyle, fashion, music, gaming, arts Where is it from: London How often is it published: Quarterly Jocks & Nerds may take it’s […]

Daphne’s Diary Interview

Daphne’s Diary is a publication unlike any other. Published monthly, Daphne’s Diary gives advice on shopping, antiques, gardening and interior design from the viewpoint of the […]

Introducing: Daphne’s Diary

What’s it about: Interior design, recipes, vintage, shopping Where is it from: The Netherlands How often is it published: Monthly We can practically guarantee that you […]

Artdependence interview

Artdependence is a quarterly magazine from Europe which highlights the work of artists and curators around the world. Specialising in detailed, in-depth interviews, Artdependence brings global […]

Introducing: Artdependence

What’s it about: Contemporary art, exhibitions, creatives Where is it from: Belgium How often is it published: Quarterly Artdependence may hail from Belgium but it has […]

A Festive Guide to Christmas Style

Ah, Christmas. A chill in the air, lights and decorations in the streets and a time to relax and spend precious time with family and friends. […]

The Beauty Of : The Beano

In this article Christine Thomas, Director at “Everything English Education Consultancy” writes about the Beauty of the Beano comic as a way to encourage reading, even […]

7 top food tips to help Christmas go off without A hitch

  The glorious thing about homemade Christmas food is that the planning and preparation for the big day starts so far in advance. There’s a real […]

Create a magical, hand crafted Christmas with a little help from Magazines

When it comes to Christmas it seems that in today’s modern world, there is always a short cut or a ‘life hack’. Why write out a […]

Solving puzzles is good for the brain!

While many people would  consider puzzle magazines such as Sudoku, number games, word jumbles, criss cross,  crosswords, wordsearch and other such activities as simply a fun and […]

Save Hours and Pounds on your Christmas Gift Shopping

 I don’t wish it would be Christmas every day… Now don’t get me wrong, I am no Christmas Bah Humbug, in fact there are aspects of […]

This top tip improves Reading Skills in even the most reluctant readers

Ofsted have warned that the decline in child reading levels is a major concern. Chief inspector, Sir Michael Wilshaw believes “There can be no more important […]

In Focus: Psychologies Magazine

Magazines would be nothing without readers. And we are always keen to find out what our customers think about the titles we sell. Last month we […]

Born to Ride?

Whether you’re a biking newbie or Evel Knievel, there’s a biking magazine out there for all. So, don your helmet, buckle up your leathers and step […]

Travel Magazines – The World at your Fingertips

There are so many things to consider before booking a holiday. Are you travelling alone or with family or friends? What budget do you have? What […]

Our Top 5 Tattoo Magazine Picks

Tattoos have never been more popular in the UK. Gone are the days when body art was restricted to convicts and rebellious teens – now tattoos […]

Top 10 Sewing & Needlecraft Magazines

According to the BBC in the last few years there has been a “quiet revolution” going on in Britain’s homes. People have been buying sewing machines, […]

Top 5 Gardening Magazines

Well it’s that time of year when I start to think about dusting off the lawn mower, trimming the hedges and sprucing up the borders. It’s been […]

Doctor Who Magazine delivered to North America

We get asked this question a lot, so we thought it was worth writing a blog post about it.  The question: “Can I buy Doctor Who […]

Top 10 Women’s Magazines purchased as Gifts

Welcome to our blog post on the Top 10 women’s magazines purchased as a gift.  We took our sales information for the last 2 years, and […]